Develop your personal vision

This six month long on-line course is designed for photographic artists who have at least 3 years experience with image making. The course aims at developing and deepening a personal photographic series, either from it's initial conception point to a final conclusion, or at developing an existing body of work towards completion. 

During the course we will review on-going work as part of group tutorials, and each student will be asked to present new work each session. Sessions will be two hours long, and will run fortnightly over a six month period. The course will offer guidance, critical feedback and reflection on on-going work, as well as practical and inspirational assignments to motivate and inspire students. During each session we will explore ideas, concepts and concerns, and address any creative blocks or personal insecurities surrounding the work. I will  give examples of other photographer’s work who may be working in a relevant area, and provide constructive feedback to push and encourage the student in their practice.

The course will feature additional reviews, during class times, from two world class industry specialist reviewers. These reviews will be excellent networking opportunities for  students, and the input which they receive will give a diverse perspective of their work. The names of these reviewers will be released soon.

The course will run on Mondays at 9.30am BST (8.30pm Eastern Standard Time), starting from the 7th February 2022. 

The cost of the course is £600 (A$1200)

The course only accepts 5 students, based on their portfolios and submission ideas.  Please submit via email to and please include "Develop your personal vision course' in the title. Please include a link to an online portfolio of exiting images, which are either a part of the series which you wish to develop, or a link to other examples of your work. As part of the submission please submit a proposal of no more than 500 words, outlining your project idea. Please contact me by January 20th 2022.

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