October 2017
This image of my mother will be appearing on the front cover of the second issue of Sheshootsfilm, looking forward to seeing it in print.

October 2017

I have work in Contact Sheet's exhibition: "Who is He?", opening on Saturday the 14th in Sydney. 

June 2017

The launch of our new collective, Lumina is happening this Thursday in Sydney, please come along!

June 2017

Very excited that Lumina is being featured in Vogue Italia with images from the collective and news of our official launch this Thursday June 8.We will be celebrating the launch at Black Eye Gallery in Darlinghurst, Sydney from 6-8pm on Thursday with the opening of our first collective show. It would be great to see you there!

June 2017

The Sydney Morning Herald has just written an article on the launch of Australia's newest photographic collective, which I'm proud to be a founding member of:

The Daily Advertiser have also published an article on Lumina:

May 2017

I am thrilled to have just initiated a new collective in Australia with the wonderful Morganna Magee, titled Lumina. Stay tuned for more on this!

March 2017

As part of International Women's Day I will be In Conversation with Paul McDonald tonight at:
3 Wise Monkeys, 555 George Street, Sydney. Please come along if you are in the city.

March 2017
My new series No Blood Stained the Wattle is being featured on the Firecracker website, which is the inspiring platform for female voices in photography. Thank you to the amazing Fiona Rogers for asking me to take part:

January 2017
Photo voice are featuring me in their 10 Questions section this month:

November 2016
My work is being featured today on the BBC IN PICTURES SITE:

November 2016
My body of work produced for my Masters titled "No Blood Stained the Wattle" is being featured on the UAL blog:

October 2016
I'm currently The Artists in Residence at Hill End through the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery.

September 2016
I'm back in Sydney, any enquiries please call me on my Australian number

August 2016
I'm currently working in Italy. For commissions or inquiries please email me or call ‭+39 331 9648594‬

June 2016
My series after the Apology has been published in Sweden's Re:Public magazine, here's the online version:

May 2015
My After the Apology series is being exhibited at National Sorry Day at Chatswood convention Centre

May 2015
I'm very happy to be announced a winner of the Magenta Flash Forward Award. Here are the details:

March 2015
My work After the Apology is being featured on Feature Shooter today.

August 2014
I'm heading back to Sydney on the 29th of August - exactly the day when the Photography Festival Reportage kicks off. I'm happy to have my work included in the exhibition at the Australian Centre for Photography. Please feel free to come along on Friday night for the opening.

August 2014
I'll be in London until the end of August. My contact details in London are:  07477 576 738

July-August 2014
I'm pleased to have one of my images included in this year's Royal Photographic Society's 157th Print exhibition. The exhibition will first be shown in Greenwich Heritage Centre, London, and then will tour the UK:

June 2014
I'll be in London until the end of August. My contact details in London are:
07477 576 738

June 2014
I'm happy to say that my work on Iran will be featured in Magenta Flash Forward's 10th year book publication:

May 2014
My series After the Apology is being featured today on the BBC's website:

May 2014
My series After the Apology will be featured in the Magnum and Ideastap Photographic Award Exhibition to be held at Shop 7, The Old Truman Brewery, 91 Brick Lane London E1 6QL on the 22nd of May 2014

May 2014
One of my images has been selected for the CIWEM ENVIRONMENTAL PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD to be exhibited at the Royal Geographic Society in London during June/July 2014.

April 2014
Two of my images have been selected for the Royal Photographic Society's 157th International Print exhibition. Here's the link:

March 2014
I'm excited to say that I am one of 70 photographers worldwide who has been selected as a finalist for the GD4 Photo Art award. Final award winners anounced in May 2014. Here's the link:

January 2014
I have some work currently being exhibited at the Black Eye Gallery in Sydney, here are the details:
December 2013
It was a nice treat today to se this recent review of my work which was featured on The Roaming Eye:
November  2013
I'm really excited to be a named a finalist for the Ideastap Photographic Award. Thank you to Magnum Photos and Ideastap for sponsoring the award and offering mentoring to the finalists: Winners will be announced in April 2014
I will be giving a talk on my Iran series this Sunday at the Australian Centre for Photography. Everybody is welcome to this free event.

I'm currently working on a long term project in Australia before heading back to the UK.

I've just heard that I've been short-listed for the IDEASTAP PHOTOGRAPHIC AWARDS 2013.....This is stage one, two more stages to go!

Here's the video from one of my latest commercial shoots'.... Madge Designs. Filmed and produced by Cream Studio.

Here's a still from the video:
29-06-2013I've just finished an amazing workshop with Ed Kashi on Visual Story telling in Paris. Thank you to Ed for being so generous with his time and inspiring us for 4 days and to Veronique and Nicholas for a wonderful workshop

I've just found out that my Iran series has been awarded a Bronze and Silver in the Documentary section of the PX3 awards in France.... Here's the info:

I've recently finished a 5 day workshop with James Nachtwey and Stephen Dupont in Sydney. Thank you to both for an incredible 5 days which really fuelled my photographic vision and pushed me with my current series.

I am one of 5 finalists for the Pool Grant, awarded by the Pool Collective. Congratulations to David Maurice Smith who won the award.

My portrait from Iran will be featuring in the Head On Portrait Award. Here are the details:

Three of my photographs are currently being exhibited in The Environmental Photographer of the Year awards in London. Check out the full exhibition here:

A big congratulations to Jonathan Goldberg who won the Video section. Here is his work:

And also to Michele Palazzi who won the Photographic section.

Here are my photographs in the exhibition:
I have just heard that I have been shortlisted for the Lucie Emerging Scholarship Fund for 2013.

I have just heard that I am a finalist in The Environmental Photographer of the Year Awards in London, winner to be announced later in the year in conjunction with the exhibition at the National Geographic Society in London.

We have just relocated to Sydney - my new contact phone number is:00 61 (0) 4 81 30 40 88

6 November 2012

My photograph of the Iranian Tomato famers will be included in an exhibition at the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford-upon-Avon from the 10th of November. Here's the link:

September 10 2012
I have just been told that my work on Iran has been given an Honourable Mention in the 2012 International Photography Awards:

August 25 2012

Remains of Hasankeyf  is now being featured on the Sunday Times Spectrum online:
August 27 2012"6mois" is featuring one of my photos from Lake Urmia series:
August 2 2012
I'm very happy to announce that the work Enrico Gaoni and I produced on the Ilisu Dam project in Hasankeyf, Turkey is now being featured online at fofo8:

A really big thank you to Lauren Heinz for all of her work on the piece.
July 26 2012
My print from the Foto8 Summershow exhibition is available to buy online:

July 6 2012
One of my images from my Iran series will be featured in Foto8's Summer Show, opening tonight in London.
Here's the link:

May 30 2012
My work will be featured as part of an on-going slide show on the Frontline Club's website. Here's the link:

May 28 2012
I'm excited to hear that my image of the tomato farmers in Lake Urmia from my Iran series will be shown in the Foto8 Summer Show opening in London on the 6th of July. To book tickets go to:
May 21 2012
My series from Iran will be screened at the Frontline Club in London this week as part of Photo Week 2012.

May 10 2012
I have just been named a Winner of the Magenta Foundation Flash Forward (UK). Here's the link:

April 20 2012
My portrait of Sayeh from my Iran series has been selected as a finalist to be included in the Head On Portrait Prize screenings in Sydney.

March 21 2012
My series from Iran has just been featured on the blog of Contact Editions website:

A big thank you to Anna Stevens who took the time to review my work. 

March 20 2012
My portrait of Sayeh, from my series of Iran will be exhibited from the 19th of March until the end of May at The National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia.For details go to:
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